Dendrobot is a wooden collectible toys about military robots that turned into social robots. 

Set in the far future, the world is filled with military junk leftovers from world war III. One day, scientists discovered that they could turn all those metal pieces into a more environmentally friendly material, wood, and brought them back to life.

The robots come in three sizes, small, medium, and large.

Story, design, branding, packaging, and prototypes are all made by the designer.

Process and preliminary sketches


Each of the robots' histories are written on the side of the packaging as well as their stats.

Patterns inside

Character design

No. 003
A cymbal robot. Cymbots were originally made to distract
enemies in combat with their built-in cymbals. however, as
dendrobot today cymbots use their cymbals to cheer on
other robots or to make any situation festive and lead most
of city parades.

No. 005
Rollers were once designed to be high speed motorbikes for police department use. They are very fast and polite. Today they are delivering goods and mails around the town. Anyone can count on their speed. Sometimes Rollers like to race one another to see who got the fastest speed of all.

No. 006
Mass-O robots are really big and heavy. Their body were build to endure bombs and missiles in combat. The impact from their punches could take down an entire skyscraper. However, Mass-O robots are very sensitive and cares about the people and the environment around them. You can find Mass-O robots helping out elderly people or playing with children at the park. They tend to be solitary and rarely seen in packs.