Nilam Sari

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2016—Maple, wire, and paper
Speculative, toy, packaging, and branding design

Dendrobot is a wooden collectible toys about defunct military robots that got reclaimed by the trees and turned into social robots.

Dendrobot 01

Set in the far future, the world is filled with military junk leftovers from world war III. Over time, nature reclaimed those metal pieces and turned them into wood, giving new life to what were once murder machines.

Dendrobot 02

Dendrobot 03

Dendrobot 04

Dendrobot series come in three sizes—small, medium, and large.

Dendrobot 05

Dendrobot 06

Dendrobot 07

All design and fabrication are hand-crafted.

Brainstorming and sketches

Concept brainstorming through mind-maps, sketching product and packaging structures, and fabrication method planning.

Dendrobot 08

Dendrobot 09

Dendrobot 10

Dendrobot 11.1

Dendrobot 11.2

Dendrobot 12

Dendrobot 13

Dendrobot 14

Dendrobot 15

Dendrobot 16


Name and logo iterations.
Word definition and etimology from Google.

Dendrobot 17

Dendrobot 18

Dendrobot 19

Toy fabrication.
The products were hand-made using wood lathe, saws, and hand-carving knives.

Dendrobot 20

Dendrobot 21

Dendrobot 22

Packaging mock up and prototype.
The initial packaging idea was inspired by cargo ship container design.

Dendrobot 23

Dendrobot 24

Dendrobot 25.1

Dendrobot 25.1

Inside packaging lining design.
Color corresponds to the size of the Dendrobot, small, medium, and large respectively.

Dendrobot 26

Dendrobot 27

Dendrobot 28

Finished product

The back view of the packaging.

Wrap-around illustration of the Dendrobot inside, background story about the Dendrobot series, as well as individual lore of each Dendrobots complete with its stats.

Dendrobot 29

Dendrobot 29

Character Design

The character's assigned numbers are based on the iterations of the Dendrobot designs attempted during the brainstorming and sketching process, hence the random order.

Dendrobot 31

No. 003

A cymbal robot. Cymbots were originally made to alert troops and distract enemies in combat with their built-in high decibel cymbals. however, as Dendrobots today, cymbots use their cymbals to cheer on other robots or make any situation festive. They lead most of city parades. What was once a jarring alarm, the sound of their cymbals is now a symbol of joy and celebration.

No. 005

Rollers were once designed to be high speed transformer motorbikes for the police department, used for patrols and chase in cities. They are very fast and polite. Today they have taken up the job of delivering goods and mails around the town. Anyone can count on their speed. Sometimes Rollers like to race one another for fun to see who got the fastest speed of all.

No. 006

Mass-Os are massive and heavy. Their bodies were built to endure bombs and missiles in combat. Their strong punches could take down an entire skyscraper. Today, Mass-Os are sensitive. They care about people and the environment around them. You can find them helping out the elderly or playing with kids at the park. They tend to be solitary and rarely seen in packs.

Dendrobot 32

So, wood you be their friend?