Jerry The Robot and Allison The Succulent: Transforming Sculpture

Jerry is a transforming sculpture, taking two forms of sculpture with the same materials and fasteners.

Jerry? Why is its name Jerry? my friend, Clay Smith, named him when I ran into her on my way to document the work in the Graphic Design department's photo studio. Why did I let her name my project? Maybe it is something that I will discover later in the semester by pursuing the reasons behind my relationships with wood as materials and another human beings. I have always had an obsession in robots. The reason why is something that I never really thought about, but the more work I made the more I realized I'm directing towards the imagery of good old classic rectangular robots. I'm still looking for the reason why, I'd like to assume that it's related to my childhood and my passion to be a toy designer.

Jerry is a robot that have a growing succulent on top of it, Allison. Allison is just like Jerry's brain, without Allison Jerry doesn't look so alive. So Jerry got to make sure Allison gets all the light that it needs.

Technical drawings

Disassembly process

Jerry’s other form