Nilam Sari

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Memento Mori;

2016—Red oak and white oak

Memento Mori 01

Remember that
We are mortal beings.


Part I

What was once born, will one day die.

Memento Mori 02

Memento Mori 03

He was harsh.
He was soft.

He scared me.

Memento Mori 04

But he was warm.

All he wanted
was to give me happiness,

Memento Mori 05

before he had to go.
And he had to go.


Part II

One has to value death, before one can value life

Memento Mori 06

Memento Mori 07

You are never too broken
to reach your dreams.

You said you wanted to beat my doctorate degree, didn't you?

Memento Mori 08

You are my pride.
Don't stop running my dear.

I'll drive you to this doctor my friend recommended, okay?

Memento Mori 09

I want you to be happy.

I'm sorry
I had to go.


Part III

Like father, like daughter.

Memento Mori 10

Memento Mori.

Please watch over me.