Everything in industrial revolution was designed with limited technology. The size, shape, etc., did not serve much function for human, rather it was to compromise the lack of technology available at the time. And that's why a lot of design in the past tend to look a certain way.

Because they have been around for a while, people think of it as the norm and the template for designs. This is where people's creativity gets hindered because they think that they have to design off what's already been made. For example, The mattress industry design mattresses with shape size specificity. A lot of them put so much design revolutions in it such as foam, spring, gel, etc. But no matter what they do, they're making it the rectangular shapes of twin, full, queen, and king.

All of the restrictions came from so many factors. Will it fit consumer's door? Will it fit bed frame on the market? How does it transport? it is an object that was created for human but with all of those factors, it's not human-centric anymore. it is inefficient. Why do we design human's place to sleep rectangular? when in nature, we were all sleeping in a womb and our mother's arms. newer designs keep building over these older design, over time, they're going to lose the initial purpose of the function one day. Why not design it based off the user of the design themselves? Based off nature? Biomimicry?

Today's process of designing today is similar to Deleuze's theory of controlled society. No matter how much design freedom we have, it is still controlled by a bigger jigsaw system, and you could never get out of the box if you're working in the system.

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